The Tougaloo College Houston Area Alumni Chapter was founded in 1979.  There were six founding members – Leroy Hayes, Marvin Love, David Miller, Beverly Miller, William Rice and Josephine Rice.  Since its founding, the chapter has grown tremendously to become one of the most thriving and active chapters within the National Alumni Association.

Chapter Vision Statement

The purpose of the chapter is to promote the mission, interest and ideas of Tougaloo College and the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association, Inc.

Chapter Officers (2019-2021)

Emleigh Mitchell, ’00 – President

Felisha Stiff, ’04 – Vice President

Dr Howard Bartee, Jr, ’93 – Secretary

Marvin Love, ’70 – Treasurer

Houston Chapter Hall of Fame Honorees

Dr. Tophas Anderson, ‘71 1996 Science
Mr. Robert Moreland, ‘62 1998 Athletics
Hon. William Rice, Jr., ‘72 1998 Government & Law
Mr. David Miller, Esq., ‘72 2003 Government & Law
Mr. Stanley A. Weakley, ‘70 2007 Community Service
Dr. Donnie Evans, ‘82 2009 Medicine
Mrs. Frances Whitehurst, ‘76 2010 Communications
Mrs. Shirley Evans Carson, ‘82 2011 Business
Dr. Tanya Stephens, ‘90 2012 Medicine
Mrs. Marion McNeal Tresvant, ‘78 2013 Business
Mrs. Beverly Miller, ‘73 2014 Education
Mr. Louis Gilbert, ‘85 2014 Business
Mr. Hosea R. James, ‘00 2017 Business
Mr. Marvin Love, ‘70 2018 Religion